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Why is your marketing not working?

Have you ever answered that question with something like, “I don’t know, probably because:

  • We don’t have a good enough product or service
  • We’re not reaching the right people
  • We’re not spending enough on marketing
  • We don’t have the right marketing channels
  • We don’t have the right team
  • We’re not being creative enough
  • We’re not following the latest trends
  • We’re not targeting the right age group
  • We’re not using social media enough
  • We’re not being consistent

I’ve got news for you…those excuses probably aren’t your problem. The problem is:

you don't have a proper marketing foundation in place. 

Yes, some of those excuses may be legitimate issues, and tweaking them may even cause your marketing to take a turn for the better, but you are still just throwing random marketing tactics at the wall and hoping that they stick.

Marketing should be strategic and data-driven if you want to have consistent and repeatable success.

If that sounds like something you want, you should take my free Marketing Blueprint course.

In the Marketing Blueprint course, you’ll learn:

Lesson 1: The foundation of a smart brand
Lesson 2: How to make your website strategic and clear
Lesson 3: The importance of data
Lesson 4: How to generate more leads
Lesson 5: How to increase your conversions 10x with relationships

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What People Are Saying

Chase has been an amazing blessing, bringing new life, energy and vision to our organization. We know we're just scratching the surface now of what we can accomplish!

Brandon S. Founder of NHC

Chase always has positive input and creative ideas regarding our company website and social media sites. It always is a pleasure to work with Chase on any project.

Jimmy Rogers Owner CSP Records

I highly recommend Chase for any of your website needs. He is extremely honest and has helped my business grow and has given me a more professional appearance in my line of work. A lot of people claim to do web site design, but Chase is the only one I will go to for my website needs from here on out.

Todd Malcolm Owner ADK Solutions

I recently worked with Chase on a rebranding project for my business. The process was seamless from start to finish, and the he was a pleasure to work with. He listened to my vision for the brand and helped bring it to life through a new logo and website. The end result exceeded my expectations and I am thrilled with the new look and feel of my business. I highly recommend Chase to anyone looking to elevate their brand and website.

Carson S. Owner of The Vine Landcare